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Sarna Brayer Architects office was founded in 2012 by Maayan Sarna, after years of planning and practical experience in leading offices in various projects in Israel and around the world.

The firm deals with a wide range of projects from residential buildings, renovation, conservation, private houses and interior design.

The projects include close accompaniment from the initial stage of examining various alternatives, constructing a program, issuing a building permit, issuing detailed work plans, and supervising all phases of construction.

The basic office creed is to plan a building that combines creativity originality and practicality. Each project has different conditions, desires, and customers. Achieving the goal is by combining all the elements together to create a unique structure that functions optimally.

Maayan has a bachelor's degree in architecture from Tel Aviv University, a master's degree in green construction from the Technion and a Green Building accompanied certificate from the Standards Institution of Israel.

The guidelines that leads the office are combines, from one hand, the need in accelerated construction and development to fulfill the need of each person for a private place, which will serve his needs and will suit him personally. And from the other hand, the need to preserve the limited natural resources we possess. Implementation of the principles of green building today is essential, not out of necessity or law, but because we are people who take into account our environment and the implications of our actions at a certain point in time about the future.

מעיין ברייר
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